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The age of the borrower should be at least 18 years or more.

Should be employed and have a decent pay every month.

Should have a valid UK mobile number.

Should have a bank account with any bank in UK.

Text Loans

Mobile Txt Loans - Text Payday Loans UK

Mobile phones can now be used to avail easy and hassle free short term credit. Mobile txt loans are short term financial assistance which can be acquired by sending a txt message to the lender. The borrowed amount is in the range of £100-£1000 and the repayment period varies between 2 to 4 weeks. The interest charge associated with mobile txt loans is usually high when compared with other long term loans. But when compared with overdraft charges and credit card late payment charges, the mobile txt loans are better. The ease of applying loan through mobile phones provides mobility to the borrower and hence the loan can be acquired even during travel and vacations.

The short term cash assistance proves highly helpful during unexpected financial needs during holidays. Borrowers can avail the money from any part of UK by sending a simple txt message. The borrower needs to register a valid UK mobile number with the lender and upon successful completion of the steps mentioned in the registration form; the lender sends a PIN* to the borrower. This PIN* is used as a password for all mobile txt loans. Mobile txt loans have gained enormous popularity in UK and there is an upsurge in the number of people applying mobile txt loans.

Text Loans

The basic eligibility criterion for availing mobile txt loans are: Permanent UK Citizen aged 18 years or more with a valid bank account and UK mobile number and who has a permanent employment. We match all applications for mobile txt loans with the best deals offered by various lenders and suggest the most suitable deal. The loan procedure followed for mobile txt loans is very simple and completely hassle free which doesn’t involve faxing of documents, absolutely zero paperwork, no collaterals and no credit score checks. In simple words, Mobile txt loans have proved as the best help during any financial emergency.

*Mobile verification required through PIN for Text Loans up to £300.

*Mobile verification required through phone call by Lenders for Text Loans up to £1000.

*Mobile verification required through phone call by Lenders for Unsecured Loans up to £25,000.