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The age of the borrower should be at least 18 years or more.

Should be employed and have a decent pay every month.

Should have a valid UK mobile number.

Should have a bank account with any bank in UK.

Text Loans

Mini Text Loans - Text Payday Loans UK

Technology advancements have ensured that mini text loans can be acquired easily through text messages to the lender. The desired loan amount is deposited directly to the bank account of the borrower. The loan application procedure is easy and hassle free without involving any paper work. The loan amount can be used for all personal needs without specifying the details of the expenses to the lender. The loan amount can be sought in the range of £100-£1000 which can be easily repaid over flexible repayment periods of 2 to 4 weeks. The rate of interest charged is slightly higher but considering the short term credit available, the interest rates are justified.

The eligibility criterion for mini text loans are similar to any other payday loan which includes: Age of the borrower to be at least 18 years or more. The borrower should be a regular employee and have a decent salary per month. A valid and active bank account with a bank in UK is mandatory. The loan amount is credited to this bank account. A UK mobile number and email address is required for the registration. Mini Text loans can be easily applied online without any need to fax supporting documents.

Text Loans

We provide the best mini text loans offered in the market and the loan application of the borrower is matched to the deals offered by various lenders. The funds can be transferred within hours and the services are offered even on weekends. The repayment of the mini text loan can be done on the agreed payday through direct transfer from the bank account or through cheques. Mini text loans are basically short term loans used to pay unexpected short term financial obligations which happen before the payday. Mobility and flexibility are the two important benefits of mini text loans. The mini text loans should be availed only when highly required and the repayments should be done on the due date to avoid unnecessary finance charges and high interests.

*Mobile verification required through PIN for Text Loans up to £300.

*Mobile verification required through phone call by Lenders for Text Loans up to £1000.

*Mobile verification required through phone call by Lenders for Unsecured Loans up to £25,000.